What food do you take when you go hiking ?

I love spending time in nature, far away from the madness of the city. Whenever I have the time, I go for a long hike and spend an entire day in the company of trees. I walk a lot and I always bring food with me so that I can refill my batteries. I’ve noticed that I enjoy food much more when I’m in a natural setting. I’ve also noticed which foods work well for me, and which don’t.

vegetable-1167362_1920When I’m in the city I’m I can easily be looking to eat food that has more fat, salt or sugar. I guess it has to do with the stressful environment, which makes me want to look for a quick fix of dopamine. Luckily, I really enjoy cooking, so I end up cooking rather healthy food. I try to pay attention to the amount of salt, sugar and oil that I put, but I still use them with pretty much every meal. When I go hiking my menu changes considerably. Most of the time my food consists of simply whole veggies and fruits and home-made protein bars. My favorite vegetables are tomatoes (yeah I know, they are technically a fruit), cucumbers, fresh onions, peppers. I also take whatever fruits I have, usually apples, pears or oranges. I also love taking carrots, they are really fun to eat. There a couple of reasons why I found these kinds of foods to be a great option for hiking.

waterFirst of all, they are all full of water. Staying well hydrated gives me a lot of energy and I need it when I’m going to walk for many hours. Like I said, I find that food tastes better in the forest, and that’s the only place where I can get really excited about food that doesn’t contain salt or fat. Fruits and vegetables are much easier to digest than heavy cooked food and that’s really good since I want to be able to walk at ease. Of course, long hikes require quite a lot of energy, so I usually bring from protein bars. I make them by mixing dates, oat meal, sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds. Nuts have high concentrations of healthy fats and proteins while the dates have a lot of fruit sugar and are packed with energy.

I avoid taking food that will make me too sluggish after eating it, like too salty or fried food. It’s also nice to avoid food that can get too messy in your backpack. Some fruits are not ideal, as well as foods that can melt.

Let me know what food you like to take on your adventures.

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