The planet is alive and it breathes like an organism

NASA images reveal an extremely beautiful and fascinating vision of our planet. There are satellites that track the concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere and they show us that our planet acts a lot like a living organism. As vast and as diverse as they are, the ecosystems are connected together and function a lot like one biological unit comprised of trillions of organisms.

In the summer the trees in the northern hemisphere turn green and the planet breathes in large amounts of CO2.  We see the extremely important role that forests play in the regulation of the climate. Trees inhale, but they also exhale vast amounts of carbon when their leaves fall off during the autumn. But the balance is clear, we need forests and new forests are especially good in storing carbon out of the atmosphere. So far we’ve destroyed, around half of the forests on Earth, and we did this in the blink of an eye on a geological scale. This means that we would have a lot of planting and restoration work to do if we want to repair the lungs of our planet.

Of course tropical forests are also playing extremely vital role in the storage of carbon even though they don’t breathe seasonally as the northern forests. Tropical forests are under siege and they need urgent protection. We can replant trees, but forests take millions of years to develop, there is no easy way of fixing a destroyed ecosystem. When we burn down a forest and we exploit its soil we’re not likely to ever restore the forest to its original state. This is why replanting could never be a sufficient solution on itself.

Nobody can solve this crisis alone, it’s a problem that we’re creating together and we can only solve it together, trough individual and political solutions. Here are a couple of suggestions if you’re wondering where to start :

Let’s stop deforestation : Infographic

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