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What is More Trees Less Assholes?

allThe essence of my work is raising awareness about the widespread destruction of the environment.  A lot of high quality information on the various subjects is  produced by scientists, international organizations, bloggers etc. The problem is that it is very hard for this information to reach a large enough audience. For example, ideas that promote lower consumption are extremely important, but are hard to spread. Very few people are ready to hear that they have to give up something or change something else about their lives. But even less people are willing to advertise such a message.
And this is what I do : I try to use whatever skills I have in order to promote ecological awareness as much as I can, through social media. I create visual content like posters and memes, because people like them and enjoy sharing them, thus giving a greater exposure to our cause. I also write various articles, where I try to present serious information in an easily digestible way and in an attractive package.  A pretty picture, a good slogan or a catchy title can bring the spotlight to a subject that wouldn’t necessarily receive the attention it deserves.

I’m always looking for ways to maximize the potential impact of my work by using whatever skills I have. This is why I also created More Trees Less Assholes in FrenchAwareness is the first step in solving any problem, and that is why we focus together on spreading information about the consequences of our personal and collective actions. I can create memes, write and share articles, but I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything by myself. Many of our followers realize that their online activities have very real consequences and choose to use their social media profiles as platforms for the kinds of messages that we don’t see on TV or on billboards. Media reach costs a lot of money, and that is true even for social media. Trees can’t put ads on TV and they can’t pay to boost their posts on Facebook, but together we can be an effective voice for those who don’t have one.

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Become a Tree Patron by subscribing for a small monthly fee ( you can choose between 1$ and 10$  per month ).   I would like to share with you the progress that we’re making and talk about strategies to improve the media impact of our project. I’ll keep you updated on our social media reach and growth.  As a Tree Patron you will be able to influence the content that I work on directly. I’m open to your suggestions about posts, subjects, quotes, news and topics that matter to you. I’d also love to hear feedback and discuss the ways in which we can improve the quality of the content. You can subscribe using the form below, or you can support me through my patreon account –

Here are the perks that you can get for supporting me :
1$ per month – My ever lasting gratitude.  Your name will be included in the list of supporters on my websites.

2$ per month – A weekly shout-out on my social media pages.   Your name will be included in the list of supporters on my websites.

5$ per month – Your name will be included at the end of EACH VIDEO that I make on all of my social media pages. A weekly shout-out on my social media pages. Your name will be included in the list of supporters on my websites.

10$ per month  – All of the above,  I am going to send you a T-shirt of your choice from MTLA’s online store under the condition that you stay subscribed for at least two months !

Goals :

  1. Costs : 350$ per month – This will pay for all of my monthly expenses directly related to my work : software, hosting services and the biggest burden on my budget: social security.
  2. Income: 1000$ per month – At this level of funding I’ll have my basic needs covered. It’s not a real wage, but it will be enough to make me feel comfortable within my rather minimalist lifestyle.

If only a fraction of our readers would support me with a small donation, my financial worries would be over. Find out more about me and my work on other projects here.  Only PayPal payments are possible at this point. Note that MTLA is not a non-profit organization, even though I dream that one day this will become the case. This means that you won’t get a tax refund for supporting my work. For those of you who feel like they can afford to do a small donation from their hard earned money, follow the links below.

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1,width=280,height=280,appearanceId=92,version=1470111017For years our T-shirt web-store was the only way to support our cause. Many people bought products from the store, and their contributions gave me confidence for the importance of what I was doing and made me dream of much more. There were two main problems with this way of financing though. On one hand, it was hard to imagine that a web-shop could bring me anywhere close to a stable income, but even if it could have been possible, I didn’t feel like trying hard enough. I didn’t want to turn the whole page and website into a T-shirt selling company. It just didn’t make sense to be advocating for less production and a minimalist lifestyle, while advertising merchandise aggressively. A lot of people love our T-shirts and they will always be available on our web-store, but can finally give you the option to support directly, without the need to purchase something.

The other option was advertisements, but we never got any serious “green” advertisement opportunities, and I didn’t feel like selling out the message that we stand behind to the highest bidder. Instead of having no ads at all on , I thought that we could use that free space on the website and create advertisements that are actually valuable. Our new banners do the opposite of what ads usually do. Click here to learn more.

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LIKE-shutterstock_122331922Our main goal is raising awareness, and I would not be able to reach anybody if it wasn’t for the active participation of so many members of our community. Besides, there is nothing more motivating for me than seeing that my work is appreciated. Our social media profiles are true media platforms, and we should realize their potential power.  If you find our messages important, go ahead and share them around.  It is important to keep in mind that your comment, like or share will not only affect the people in your contact list, but it will also make the post more visible to the rest of the community. Whenever you post anything about the protection the environment, think of it as doing advertisement or lobbying for the health of our Earth.