Welcome to the MTLA online store. The proceeds of the sales help pay for the costs my websites and my bills, this allows me to invest my time and energy in developing the online communities that I manage.

The designs are thought provoking and are an easy way to start a conversation about the environment. A lot of the followers who already bought them have reported that many conversations have started around these T-shirts. They are an effective means of bringing the dialog from social media into real life, which is not always something simple.

Selling merchandise is clearly not the most environmental-friendly way to fund my work, and neither is advertising. If you would like to support me but you don’t need a T-shirt, and you enjoy the fact that my website is free of advertisements, please do so by subscribing for a monthly donation through PayPal or Patreon. Ideally, I would like to get all of my financing through crowdfunding as it allows to stay true to the anti-consumerist message which is at the core of our online communities.