The #MoreTrees challenge

We just reached 300000 followers in our online community More Trees Less Assholes. In order to celebrate this milestone, we’re going to do something really exciting. Let’s use our powerful social media platform to make our planet greener ! This brilliant idea was suggested to me by a member of our community. It is extremely simple, but it can be very effective !

Step one : Plant a tree

Do you have a garden ? Do you live close to a land that needs rejuvenation? Plant a single tree, and start to take care of it ! This small gesture will have a very tangible impact. The tree will likely outlive you and in the course of its life it will produce tons of oxygen, it will sequester carbon and it will be the home many animals.

Many of us are locked in the concrete jungles where there is absolutely no place to plant a tree. I live in an overcrowded city situated in a densly populated country. So instead of planting a tree myself, I’ll donate to an organization that does that. There are many good organizations who plant trees and care for them. I’m going to donate to ReforestAction, but there are many other organizations that you can donate to. If you want to avoid scams, check out this guide.

Step two : Challenge 3 friends

It’s time to multiply your impact ! Challenge three of your nature-loving friends. Let them know where you’re going to plant the tree, show them a photo or let them know to which organization you donated. Make sure to tell them to challenge three of their friends as well !

Step three : Share

Sharing is caring, it sounds trivial, but it’s more important than you might think. Interact with the post about the challenge on Facebook. Even if you think that your friends wouldn’t care about the challenge, share the post nevertheless. By doing so more people from our community will see it and will take part in the challenge. Share, comment, react to the post and use the #MoreTrees.

Let’s do this !

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