“Less” or “Fewer”

The name of our community is quite controversial : with its bad grammar, dirty words and a meaning opened to interpretation. Some people love our name, others really don’t and some find it very inappropriate.

Shouldn’t it be More Trees “Fewer” Assholes?

This is without doubt the question/remark that I’ve received the most since the very beginning.  “Less” is used for something that is uncountable, while “Fewer” is used for countable things. Since we could count the “Assholes”, it would be grammatically correct to use “fewer” instead of “less”.  So why don’t we just change the name?
First of all, I’d like to point out that “More Trees Less Assholes” is a name, not a sentence, so guess it doesn’t necessarily need to be grammatically correct. Besides, many find that it sounds catchier!  I  can really imagine that it can sound very annoying to some native speakers, and I would be very grateful, if they will keep on following us despite our name. This said, I do make more grammatical mistakes than I would like, and I am very thankful when people point them out.

Why are we using “swear words” ?

The second most recurring message that we receive goes somewhere along these lines: “It is such a shame, I like your page so much, but I can’t share your content because you have the word “A**holes ” in your name.” e, it catches the attention.  Once again, I really hope that the people who don’t like the “Assholes” part of our name will be able to forgive us and follow us despite I know that a lot of people are impressed by “bad” words, and that’s also a part of why I enjoy our namthis.

 Here’s a quote from un unknown author that I find very appropriate for this subject :