Journey through a magical and endangered primeval temperate forest (short HD documentary)

This short documentary will take you on a trip through a spectacular primeval forest the last one of its kind on Earth. The Incomappleux forest remained untouched since the last ice age. Despite its stunning beauty and rich biodiversity the forest remains unprotected by the Canadian government. This means that it could be destroyed at any time, large swats were already clear cut and converted into tree farms. Lets ask the government to accept the proposal of the Valhalla Wilderness Society and grant protection to this invaluable ecosystem. If this beautiful documentary doesn’t convince you that this forest is worth saving nothing short of a trip there will.

Let’s save the Incomappleux forest !

  1. Start taking action by actually watching the documentary. Feel the beauty of the forest and the passion of the people who managed to protect it so far.
  2. Sign the petition. (link) Even better, write a letter or an email. This should be a more effective way to pressure the elected officials. You’ll find inspiration for the letter here. (link)
  3. Share this post, the petition or the documentary on your social media profiles with the hashtag #primeval.
  4. Talk to your friends and family face to face, nothing is better than a real conversation.Tell them why their involvement matters.

If you can’t get enough of its beauty, check out this stunning time-lapse of the valley:

Or take a look at the wonders of the river that crosses the valley:

Lets protect this forest for the future generations.

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