Join Intuitive Renewables in creating new green spaces for Sheffield

This is a guest article is written by David McGowan from Intuitive Renewables, a renewable energy consultancy, that has corporate responsibility at the heart of its business structure

Sheffield is one of the UK’s most prized cities, known as the hub of the industrial revolution with a rich heritage of cultural and technological innovation. It has, in more recent times, proudly established itself as the UK’s greenest city, with over 4.5 million trees and large amounts of green, open spaces.

However, Sheffield is in crisis!

Recently, there has been a controversial felling of a large number of trees, especially urban-based, in the City of Sheffield. As well as the obvious benefits of reducing climate change, these trees are well known for their ability to reduce pollution and noise while providing a beautiful backdrop to a beautiful city.

How can you help?

These actions have resulted in thousands of trees being felled and will contribute to increased urban pollution, reduced carbon dioxide sequestration, and a bleak and unattractive landscape. More importantly, reducing the impact of Climate Change needs two things to happen – primarily we must reduce our production of greenhouse gases, and increase the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. Without doubt, the trees felled in Sheffield have negatively impacted on the Cities ability to contribute to both these initiatives!

Intuitive Renewables have created a campaign to purchase an area of brownfield land, and plant trees at a minimum ratio of two-to-one from those trees felled in the city. This will create a new wonderful woodland and act as an aesthetic reminder of Sheffield’s place as the ‘Tree Capital’ of the UK.

This endeavour will impact positively on local areas by transforming an area of industrial or brownfield land into a wonderful green space that will be open for everyone to enjoy!

As well as contributing to the local environment, we hope to introduce populations of bees to the area, providing a home to support Britain’s ever-decreasing bee population.

Upon completion, the entire project will be handed over to a soon-to-be-created charity, 1000 Acres, ensure the area is kept for the public to enjoy forever – not a single penny of profit will be made from this endeavour, we simply want to make things better for what we believe to be the best city in the country.

Join us on our mission

We need to raise a total of £95,000. This covers the purchase of land and trees, wild flowers and all aspects of professional fees required to complete the project (such as legal work for land purchase etc.).

On completion, everything will be owned in trust via a soon-to-be-created charity, 1000 Acres, so that everyone, now and forever, can enjoy the results of this project.

Visit our project and support us with as little or as much as you can to really make a difference:


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