Fishless sushi, delicious and ocean-friendly

I have always loved the taste of the sea, the flavor of fish, shrimp and sushi. At one point I realized that I am not the only one who likes all that. Millions, probably, billions of people around the world love the flavors that the sea has to offer.

Our voracious appetite combined with the greed of companies that exploit the oceans has created an ecological catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. We can not even calculate the number of marine animals we kill each year, estimates range from 900 to 2700 billion. The damage of the industrial fishing affects all marine ecosystems. Fish populations get depleted, countless marine mammals get stuck in the monstrous nets which also account for more than 40 percent of the plastic in the ocean. I decided that I can not continue to contribute to this crisis in a conscious way, so I stopped eating fish. Reducing or eliminating our fish consumption is not the ultimate solution to the crisis in the oceans, but it’s an easy step that we can all make, while fighting for urgent political solutions.

I thought that I would never find the taste of the sea that I loved so much. I was wrong, contrary to what many people believe, sushi doesn’t need to contain fish. All sushi lovers have eaten vegan sushi in Japanese restaurants. Seaweed carries in the flavor of the sea that I love so much. I discovered the ocean of vegan sushi recipes on the internet. Limiting my diet by excluding fish has opened my eyes to an infinity of culinary possibilities that plants offer us. You can use so many ingredients, such as mushrooms, tofu, peppers, salads, cucumbers, carrots, nuts and seeds etc. Use your imagination !

Here is a video that contains great ideas, if you search the Internet you will find many more:

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