Bernie classifies the OILYGARCHS as criminals

I really wanted to share this powerful Bernie quote from the last CNN debate. All the candidates for the nomination of the Democratic party are paying lip service to the issue of climate change, but I haven’t heard anything as strong and resounding from any other candidate yet. Bernie attacked the oilygarchs in an unprecedented way :

So please don’t tell me that we cannot take on the fossil fuel industry. And nothing happens unless we do that. Here is the bottom-line, we have to ask ourselves a simple question. What do you do with an industry that knowingly, for billions of dollars in short term profits is destroying this planet. I say that is criminal activity. That cannot be allowed to continue.

In response he got ”accused” of yelling, by one of the corporate candidates, here’s what Bernie answered :

My friends we have no choice we have to be super aggressive. If we love our children and if we want to leave them a planet that is healthy and habitable.

I know that many of my followers have lost faith in the political process in the US and in Europe, but I believe that what Bernie is doing is actually a really big deal. Very few mainstream politicians dare to call-out the most powerful industries in such a direct manner, and even fewer dare to call their activities “criminal”. Unlike other politicians who make empty promises, Bernie admits that even if he would get elected, he wouldn’t be able to create any meaningful change, unless he has the continuous support of the people who are willing to create a political revolution and retake the control of their democratic institutions from the grip of the powerful financial interests.

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