Fighting consumerism while advertising it?

I avoided having any ads or paid content on our websites and social media pages. I have always had a generally negative feeling towards advertisements, so naturally I felt reluctant to push advertisements on others. It didn’t seem like the right thing to do. Besides it would be very counterproductive to be sending a message about reducing our impact and changing our ways, while advertising companies and products that contribute to the destruction of the environment. Having “paid content” click-bait links leading to worthless articles on websites full of ads, also seemed unacceptable. I didn’t want to waste your time and discredit our important message that you were so actively helping  spread around.

Better Ads

While advertisements in general try to sell you a product, we could have advertisements that do the opposite and tell us how to consume less and more responsibly. At the same time products that are really good for our planet or for our own health are not necessarily profitable from a capitalist perspective.  I realized that I don’t need to wait to get money from the Broccoli or flax-seeds lobby before advertising these healthy foods to my fellow followers. Instead of having no ads at all, I thought that we could  use that free space on the website and create ads that are actually valuable. I wanted to make ads about products that are healthful or information that is useful, but that nobody would pay to advertise.  Here are a couple of examples: broccoli ad



Free banner

One of our banners remains open for causes and projects that fit our mission and message. My idea is to allow smaller or underfunded projects to find a way to attract some extra traffic and attention to their work. I’m giving this banner away for absolutely FREE for a period of a week to a month. If you’re interested in having your free banner on, please send me an email at or contact me on Facebook.


Putting funny, viral content to a greater use

What has become clear to me over the years working with social media is that viral most often means funny, cute, spectacular or entertaining. There is nothing too surprising about this, it is clear that we all like to laugh, look at beautiful nature footage or just watch another adorable animal video. We want to connect with all the wonderful people who cherish nature and expose them to information that could help them be a more effective part of  the greener future that we’re all striving for.   Our ads allow us to use the traffic that the viral content that your interactions create and  use it to give greater exposure to some really important subjects.

Support Our Ads

Unfortunately advertisements  are one of the main sources of income for blogs like mine. Advertisers pay money, because they know that as annoying as advertisements can be, they do work. People are affected by what they see, especially when the advertisements are properly targeted. All of our posts are directed to people who love and care about nature, so having advertisements that give information on how to better protect our environment should have quite the impact. If you are using Ad-block, feel free to disable it on , I am not trying to sell you anything.

If only a fraction of our readers would support me with a small donation, my financial worries would be over. Find out more about me and my work on other projects here. Only PayPal payments are possible at this point. Note that MTLA is not a non-profit organization, even though I dream that one day this will become the case. This means that you won’t get a tax refund for supporting my work. For those of you who feel like they can afford to do a small donation from their hard earned money, follow the links below.

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