A surprising solution that could slow down the melting of the permafrost. Don’t miss this documentary !

Siberia is perhaps the most crucial battleground of climate change. You might have heard about the melting of the permafrost, but I doubt that any of us have a better understanding of its implications than the team of scientists interviewed in this excellent documentary.

The permafrost lies beneath nearly 20% of the landmass on Earth. There is an unimaginable amount of carbon locked within the ice. Releasing this carbon into the atmosphere would accelerate climate change so fast that it would become completely unstoppable. The current rates of warming are already thawing the icy land at alarming rates.

A group of Russian and international scientists are working on a very surprising solution, that could buy us some time, by halting or at least slowing down the melting. They explain the how reintroducing big herds of herbivores could restore the ancient state of this ecosystem.

A handful of underfunded scientists, stranded on one of the most desolate places on Earth are trying to save the future of humanity. Learn more about their work and about the biggest challenge that the human species has ever faced. The documentary will be available online just until the 4th of August, so make sure to share it with your friends and family.


In these perilous times countries should be joining their forces. We can’t afford to reignite the conflicts of the Cold War, we don’t have time for these games anymore. The only ones who benefit from these kinds of tensions are the arms sellers and the polluting corporations.

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