A biodegradable plant pot made from hemp

At this point everybody knows it, plastic products constitute a serious threat to our environment. They end up in landfills or in the ocean and remain there for thousands of years. A German start-up company is contributing to the end of the reign of plastic by creating a one of a kind plant pot. Humans have been using plant pots for thousands of years. Today we’re using them on unprecedented scales, but the vast majority are made from plastic.

What is the project about?

HANFi is a flower/plant pot made of renewable raw materials. The best part is that the company claims that the pot is completely biodegradable! It rots residue-free in the soil and in nature. The pot suits the needs of hobby gardeners, but it also fits the demands of professionals. The residue-free and biological rotting of the plant pots begins only with the planting into the soil.

To make things even cooler, HANFi is made from hemp ! At least 98% biologically renewable raw materials: Hemp, glucose, wax/resin and 1-2% minerals.
Whether outdoors or in a greenhouse. HANFi does not compost until it has been inserted into the soil. HANFi rots within 1-2 years. You can simply plant your plant together with its pot into the soil.

What’s their goal ?

HANFi plant pot wants to become a serious alternative to plastic plant pots used by nurseries as well as hobby gardeners. Thus, the company will significantly minimize the annual plastic requirement in the garden sector. Growers who use millions of plastic pots year after year can change their production in a sustainable way.

To get there, they need to set up and expand a production line (machines, tools, etc.), and that’s why they need our help. Check out their campaign page HERE and pre-order your biodegradable hemp pot. 

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