10 Amazing Amazon Animals (facts and photos)

The Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse biome, one in ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon rainforest. Here are just a couple of the countless examples of amazing  animals that live there.  The Amazon’s biodiversity is under very serious threat and if we don’t take urgent action, its living treasures might … Read more 10 Amazing Amazon Animals (facts and photos)

Welcome to moretreeslessassholes.org

Our goal as an online community has always been raising awareness about the threats that our environment is facing while still talking about other issues like economic injustice, political corruption, prohibition etc.  With this new website I’m hoping to take our journey and efforts to a new level. Our primary focus on moretreeslessassholes.org will be … Read more Welcome to moretreeslessassholes.org

The formula of environmental destruction

This “formula’ is a simplification of the sources of our problems and their solution. Environmental destruction –  Our industrial civilisation has become a threat to itself. Climate change is just the symptom of all the damage that we have done to every eco-system on the planet. Corporate Greed – Giant corporations are ruled by their … Read more The formula of environmental destruction