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Our goal as an online community has always been raising awareness about the threats that our environment is facing while still talking about other issues like economic injustice, political corruption, prohibition etc.  With this new website I’m hoping to take our journey and efforts to a new level. Our primary focus on moretreeslessassholes.org will be the preservation of the remaining forests. We’ll keep on working with activists around the world and help them report about the specific cases of affected forests.  We’re also going to focus on promoting general solutions that all of us can implement.  It is really empowering to find out how much we can do on an individual level when we are aware of the issues.

Better ads

In the spirit of our message, we have adopted a better approach on advertisements. Instead of trying to sell our banners to companies that often promote the products which we’re fighting against, moretreeslessassholes.org has better “ads” that promote lower consumption and environmental preservation. Please consider disabling Adblock on our website, we’re not trying to sell you anything. For the moment we have one active banner providing every day solutions to deforestation, that each of us can adopt. New banners leading to detailed articles are just around the corner.  Learn more about our new ads here and find out how you can support this initiative.


I am going to bring a new level of energy on the blog and social media, hopefully, putting out new and better quality content as often as possible. It will be really great if you also find the motivation to help me out by spreading this content on your social media platforms. Your active participation is not only vital to this online community, but it also has very real implications in the “real world”.  I am hoping that together we can turn moretreeslessassholes.org into an effective educational platform promoting environmental awareness and ecological responsibility.

Take a tour on the website and let me know if you like what you see !



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