Trump administration admits that climate change is going to have catastrophic effects, decides to do nothing

Trump’s administration predicted in a 500 pages draft environmental impact statement that the planet is going to warm up to 7 degrees Fahrenheit (4° Celsius)  by 2100 compared to the pre-industrial era. According to scientists, such a raise in temperature is going to have a catastrophic impact on human society and life on Earth.  Sea level raise is going to threaten and submerge under water major cities around the world, ocean acidification is going to intensify and threaten the entire ecosystem, extreme heatwaves and other exceptional weather events are going to become very frequent.  These kinds of changes are going to undermine the stability of all human societies, famine, mass migrations, violent conflicts for natural resources are going to ensue.

I guess you’re already surprised that Trump’s administration will bring this up. Would they finally recognize the existential threat that climate change poses and decide to take action ? On the contrary ! Basically, the position of the administration is that there is nothing that we can currently do to curb down our greenhouse gas emissions.  This is not the first time I hear this type of shift in the rhetoric coming from climate change deniers. Politicians that have denied the existence of climate change for many years are starting to say that it is in fact real, but that there is nothing that we can do about it. And that’s what matter most to them, obstructing any type of serious measures that could shift the flow of money away from the polluting industries whose financial interests they are defending.

Let me give you my wild prediction for the future shift of rhetoric that we’re going to hear in the coming decades. Once climate change starts to hurt their bottom-lines in a significant enough way, the people who were once denying its existence are going to say that we need to do something about it.  But of course, they are not going to want to restructure our energy production or put strict environmental regulations in place.. Instead, they are going to support the cheapest and possibly, the most dangerous types of geo-engeneering technologies in order to attempt to slow down or reverse the dramatic effects that climate change would be having on their businesses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against geo-engeneering per se, but I’m doubtful that we’ll be able to implement such technologies in a safe and effective manner unless we invest billions in their development over many years.  And that’s definitely not what we’re currently seeing, our governments are slashing funding for scientists while spending billions on the arms industry.

I’m still glad to see a move away from science denial, even though I don’t doubt for a second that the current administration is not going to do anything effective to solve the problem. At least if we can all agree on the facts, we can start to argue about the solutions. Of course, I’m not so naive to think that climate change deniers are suddenly going to change their opinion on the subject just because of a governmental report.

If you’d like to hear more about this topic I invite you to check you the following video from Kyle Kulinski, or read this article from TheHill.

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