The formula of environmental destruction

This “formula’ is a simplification of the sources of our problems and their solution.

Environmental destruction –  Our industrial civilisation has become a threat to itself. Climate change is just the symptom of all the damage that we have done to every eco-system on the planet.

Corporate Greed – Giant corporations are ruled by their shareholders, who most often place the short-term corporate profits above the interest of the people or the environment.

Corruption – Our political systems are incapable of providing meaningful solutions, being largely under the influence of “big money”. The political process is flawed all the way from the elections to the actual law-making.

Apathy – Many people feel sick of the political system, or never were interested in understanding or participating in it. It is precisely our apathy that gives the people in charge the power to keep things the way they are.

Ignorance – We are all part of nature and we can’t remain ignorant to the consequences of our actions. The way we transport ourselves, the choice of food we eat, the electronics we buy, the chemicals we use, they all have an impact on life on this planet. We need to become aware of the challenges we face and understand how we can improve.

Denial – Denial is a very important factor related to our ignorance. When we face an information that reveals an uncomfortable truth about our behaviors or beliefs, we struggle hard before admitting it to ourselves. We don’t like to realize that not everything we do is consistent with the image we have of ourselves. For example, nobody would like to feel responsible for the destruction of the rainforest, but the truth is that to a different degree, we all have our part in it.

Will to change – We have the potential to change and transform ourselves, our cultures and societies. We could have modern laws that do a much better job in protecting the interests of people and the planet, but it will take action, not apathy to achieve this. The ∑W is our collective will to change, the sum of the change that each individual creates in their lives. We have the power to transform our personal lives and reduce the burden we put on other living beings, but this will take courage, not denial. The more we are willing to change the better chances we have of preserving the planet’s capabilities of sustaining humanity.

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