MTLA update: What we achieved so far, January 2019

The first month of 2019 is already over!  In this post you’ll find a short update about the progress we made during January, as well as a brief explanation of our very exciting goal for February.

Roadmap European Commission

I told you that I’m going to focus on political solutions and that’s what I’ve been doing so far. Together, we send our feedback to the European Commission on its roadmap aimed at ending tropical deforestation. The feedback section of this vital topic received only 200 comments in total, from all citizens, NGOs and stakeholders. I’m happy to say that around a third, or maybe even half of the feedback came from our communities. And the vast majority of comments from EU citizens were posted by followers of  my pages “More Trees Less Assholes” and “Plus d’Arbres Moins de Connards”. This doesn’t sound like something very important, but I find that engaging with our institutions is absolutely crucial. Of course, I would have liked to see thousands of thoughtful comments, but apparently, it’s not very easy to convince people to do something as boring. I’ll be keeping an eye on other important upcoming proposals from the Commission and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks to everybody who participated in the feedback and sacrificed half an hour of their lives while struggling with the website of the EC.

Some stats

January was quite successful for our social media presence. In total, the posts from our communities reached around 13 million people and generated 2.5 million interactions. I’m really happy with these stats, but unfortunately, some of the most crucial messages didn’t get as much attention as the clever memes or the shocking images. This is always the case on social media, and we’ll have to gradually change the way we interact with these online platforms, if we wish to use their full potential.
You might have heard that I gave up the advertising model and that I’m crowdfunding my work. January was successful in that regard, but we’re still far from our funding goals. I’m confident that if I keep up the good work we’ll get there. Learn more about what I do and consider supporting me with a small donation. (link)

February’s main goal

During the month of February, we’re going to have a very precise goal: protecting the last inland temperate rainforest on the world: the Incomappleux. The forest is located in British Columbia and is a true treasure of biodiversity. It survived intact since the last ice age, yet the Canadian government has not stepped forward to protect it. The forest could be logged at any time despite the fact that it’s home to many endangered species of animals, plants, lichens, and trees thousands of years old. Many ambitious activists and biologists have failed to convince the Canadian government to grant it permanent protection. The petition is online for nearly 2 years and has barely 40000 signatures. Even if we manage to get 1 million signatures it doesn’t mean that the government will decide to protect the forest. We’ll have to do more than that. Letters and emails can be much more effective than a petition and that’s what the Valhalla Wilderness Society suggests. (link) We should contact officials of the Canadian government and pressure them to take action. I’m afraid that even that might not be enough. We should use all the tools at our disposal. I’m not a Canadian citizen and most like you aren’t either, but we could ask our own governments and international institutions to convince their Canadian colleagues to grant protection of the forest. I’m going to create daily posts on this topic throughout the whole month and I’ll try to make it easier for you to communicate with the institutions that might help us. We’re going to try to talk to the EU, the US and the UN and convince them that the forest deserves to be protected for future generations. Our goal is ambitious, but I believe that is absolutely possible and necessary to achieve it. You can learn more about the forest by watching this stunning documentary. (link)

See you on the page!

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