How accurate were the climate models from thirty years ago ? Pretty f****** accurate !

Climate skeptics often claim that the scientific models fail to accurately predict the changes in the climate we actually observe in the real world. While the fossil fuel industry does their best to spread misinformation and doubt about the science, the facts speak for themselves.

Thirty years ago, NASA scientist James Hansen testified to Congress presenting his model which predicts a rapidly warming planet due to the activities of the industrial civilization and especially the burning of unprecedented amounts of fossil fuels. Over the next decades his predictions have been confirmed by the meticulous observations of scientists. At that time he built his model with much more limited data then the one available to the scientists who work on these models today. Yet his astounding understanding of the physics that drive our atmosphere lead him to create very accurate predictions. Climate deniers often claim that the models are alarmist and exaggerate the warming trend that we observe, but more often than not, the models are too conservative. Overall the planet warmed slightly faster than Hansen’s predictions.  Learn more about the history of Hansen’s incredible work in this short documentary by the YouTube channel “Climate State”. In the description of the video you will find high quality references that support all the facts they present.

There is an information battle going on and we need to use the power of modern technologies to fight it every day. Share this post on your social media profiles. Get informed and talk with your friends and family about these crucial issues. The industries that profit from spreading misinformation on climate change are working tirelessly to try to sway the public opinion, spread doubt and diminish the importance of the scientific conclusions. If we want to win this fight we need to engage with these complex topics every day.

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