What’s our goal?

More Trees Less Assholes is an online community comprised of a wide spectrum of people who share love and passion for our environment. Our main goals are raising a awareness about the unprecedented threats that nature on Earth is facing , as well as spreading information about the solutions that could get our modern society out of the mess that we have brought upon this planet.

Raising awareness

Learning together

In our online community information doesn’t go in one direction only. I’m not here to “teach” about every problem that our forests are facing and I really don’t hold any secret knowledge on the most efficient ways of protecting the environment. In fact, most of what I learned about deforestation and climate change was precisely the product of our online interactions. I started my online work thinking that I was going to change others people’s minds, but in the process I realized that it was my own mind that I had to start changing first. You inspired me to search and learn more and more and this knowledge transformed me.  I learned to take reponsibility for my actions and this put me on a path of becoming a better version of myself. We are on this learning journey together, and I hope that we will bring many more people on board.

shutterstock_116496178The internet is a sea of valuable information and scientific discovery, but it is also full of blatant disinformation and subtle propaganda. Many industries and their lobbyists have real financial interests in creating a cloud of doubt surrounding the indisputable negative effects of their activities.  It is normal that nobody likes to hear that what they are doing is harming the planet or their own health and informations which attempt to  prove that our current actions are harmless or even beneficial will get a lot of attention.  Social media is the good place for these type of studies and articles to spread around like wildfire.  It is not always an easy job to spot the difference between a genuine study and one that funded and manipulated to suit the interests of a certain industry.  We’re also doing this job together as a community, debunking the lies and debating the facts.


Spreading the information

socialmediaAwareness is the first step in solving any problem, and that is why we focus together on spreading information about the consequences of our personal and collective actions. I can create memes, write and share articles, but I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything by myself. Many of our followers realize that their online activities have very real consequences and choose to use their social media profiles as  platforms for the kinds of messages that we don’t see on TV or on billboards. Every share, like, pin, retweet etc. can give a voice to a crucial information. There are many bright scientists and environmentalists who produce eye opening studies, but their findings remain largely ignored by the mainstream media, policitians and unfortunately most of the population. We shouldn’t underestimate the potential power hidden behind social media. Together we can use the internet not just for flashy viral content, it’s also about serious and important information.  We can use these powerful tools in order to create and inspire real meaningful change. We are just at the dawn of these technologies and the way we choose to use them will determine a lot about our future.



Taking action

bulbOn a personal level

Being conscious of the damage that our modern society causes to all eco-systems on Earth, means also being conscious of our personal impact as part of this global society.  Accepting our responsibility on a personal level is a journey of change and empowerment. All of us have been born into societies that didn’t care much about the preservation of the natural world. We have internalized many practices that we regard as normal or natural, but that are having direct and dire consequences on nature.  Making changes to our lifestyle is very important, not only because of its direct influence on demand and production, but  because our behaviors change the culture. Creating a culture where people understand better the hidden impacts of their daily activities is a crucial step in solving our environmental problems.




socdestruAs a society

There is certainly a lot that we can do as individuals, but there is also a lot that we can decide as a society. Democracy is a precious tool that should be used by the people and not by corporate lobbyists. We need better laws that reflect our understanding of the natural world and reflect the gravity of the situation that we have put ourselves in. Treating nature as a disposable commodity is leading us on a path of self destruction. We need to create a vivid dialog about the role that our governments and institutions should play in the ongoing crisis. We should also discuss truly innovative regulations, that will make producers take responsibility for the externalities caused by their activities. Democracy works only when the people are informed enough to be able to understand the problems and the implications of the proposed policies.