Who am I ?

100_3884My name is Aleks Evtimov, and I am the social media manager of moretreeslessassholes.org , veganews.eu and piecefit.com . I am writing articles and creating visuals mainly on the environment with my focus being around deforestation in particular.  I also talk about a range of other social and economic issues.

I’ve had a passion for nature and the protection of the environment since I was a child. When people asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up, my answer was “eco policeman”, which to me meant something like a forest guard. I loved walking in the woods, and I was regularly there with my parents for my favorite mushroom “hunting”.  During my years in school and university I got gradually disconnected from my love for the natural world. I lived in busy cities and my encounters with the wilderness became less and less frequent.  The mysteries and adventures moved away from the forests into video games and the “urban life”. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I got to remember and rediscover what I had left far behind in my childhood.  I didn’t like the direction where my life was headed, I had to take action and I had no idea where to start.

I started my activist journey during my law studies. I knew that I didn’t want to have a job traditionally associated with my degree,  but I didn’t see my  studies  as futile. When I look at many of our environmental problems I can see the root cause being in our outdated and misdirected laws. Our fast growing knowledge and understanding of the science surrounding the destruction of the environment should have already been reflected in our legislation for decades.  There is so much that could be solved with the stoke of a pen, but I got to understand how flawed our legislative process is, and how desperately we need a vivid democratization of our political systems. When corporation are having the possibility to have a tremendous influence in  the legislative process, we shouldn’t expect them to use it against their own financial interests.  The only possible counterweight of this corrupting influence is an active, organized and well-informed civic society.  My work is focused around the last point: information.

My main goals are learning, raising awareness and inspiring action. I am hoping to keep on improving my skills and means so that I can do my job to the best of my capabilities. I am creating and posting content in French and Bulgarian as well, follow the links if you’re interested. No matter what I do though, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without your appreciation and active support. Thank you so much !



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  1. I hate to be an “asshole”, but I just wanted you to know that while in perspective, I am 100% with you, I can’t bring myself to like or share your post for 2 reasons. 1. Grammatically, “less assholes” is incorrect. It should be “fewer”. The incorrect usage of “less” and “fewer” drives me crazy. 2. While I would count myself a progressive liberal, I have many conservative evangelical friends and family who are utterly offended by “swear words” like “asshole”. I can’t really share a lot of stuff like this because it would offend them, and it is crass when it really doesn’t need to be. My 2 cents. You will go further (not farther) if you communicate in a way that makes people receptive to you.

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