A prayer for the environment

I just saw this brilliant drawing by Frédérique Moors that perfectly summarizes the underlying cause of the ecological crisis. Check out the drawings on his Facebook page and his website.

Very few people would say they hate nature or animals to the point of wanting to destroy them for no good reason. We are animals that have evolved in the context of a natural environment and even if we spent our lives in the artificial environment of the concrete jungle, appreciating the beauty of nature and empathizing with living beings are encoded in our genes.
Yet this love for the living world is fundamentally incompatible with the majority of beliefs, ideologies, and habits that we have developed over the centuries. Our religious beliefs and economic ideologies have separated us from the rest of nature. They made us believe that human beings are superior to the rest of the natural world of which we are merely a part. Most economic and religious ideologies agree that other living things are here to be exploited and to serve us. Our beliefs shaped the world and we should not be surprised that they caused an ecological disaster.
The separation with nature has created a psychological craving that torments our spirit. Religious beliefs and the cult of consumption try to fill this hole that gnaws our conscience. We venerate gods, we venerate money and comfort, but neither the most zealous belief nor the most voracious consumption can offer us the serenity we find in the forest.

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